Top 26 Resources For PR Professionals

The public relations game is changing fast in the face of massive technological disruptions from virtual reality and artificial intelligence as well as global events such as Covid-19. So, how do you stay ahead and up-to-date as a PR professional? How do you stay relevant? The following 25 resources cover PR from every angle—storytelling to diversity to technology to stigma:

1. Spin Sucks

Have you ever faced stigma as a PR professional as a liar, fake news creator, or spin doctor? Spin Sucks works against that with honest-to-goodness advice for PR pros who want to end that stigma by being upstanding and ethical. This marketing and PR professional development resource offers a blog with in-depth advice, a podcast for those who like to listen, and a Slack channel for those who want to connect. They even have classes. Spin Sucks has been around since 2006, so you can bet the advice is based on long-standing expertise.

2. Ragan’s PR Daily

PR Daily is a widely-trusted resource that covers everything from media relations to executive communication to employee engagement. Any aspect of PR that you want to learn more about or stay up to date on, PR Daily is likely to cover it. They also offer paid training and manage a leadership council for top pros in the industry to share best practices in a community setting.

3. O’Dwyer’s

O’Dwyer’s is a good place to keep track of news in the PR and marketing industry. This resource also offers several connection services that include PR firm rankings, find a PR firm or service, a PR magazine, and a targeted jobs board. At the time of this writing, the jobs board serves 1064 employers.

4. PRovoke Media

PRovoke is the place to stay up-to-date on all of the biggest technological trends in PR. They cover the future of communications, collaboration, media intelligence, and more. Additionally, readers can sign up for premium content in order to stay at the cutting edge of PR intelligence and insights.

5. theSkimm

theSkimm is where you want to go if you want to keep up to date on all the major happenings in the world without spending endless hours searching and reading. theSkimm pulls the most relevant info and condenses it for quick, well, skimming. This is an excellent resource for PR pros to make sure their content is timely and relevant.

6. PR Week

PR Week is a broad resource that offers news, in-depth resources, and events. Their resource section ranges from case studies to webcasts and podcasts as well as surveys and many other helpful information for PR pros. PR Week is a must in any PR professionals arsenal for the sheer depth and breadth of knowledge contained here.

7. Edelman

Edelman is a global communications firm that helps build and protect the reputation of many widely-known brands. Their articles can help PR pros deal with pressing concerns and considerations in PR like the need for social change and equality and crises like Covid-19.

8. Digiday

Digiday is a quirky-voiced site that covers technological disruption in media and marketing. If you want to know about the future of these industries or stay on the bleeding edge in your own work, Digiday is an excellent resource to understand upcoming trends and expectations in PR.

9. Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman is a great resource on a range of topics, including customer experience, PR, social media, and spans into other topics such as as harnessing the power of ADHD. Peter's content is focused around thought leadership and insights, as opposed to some of the other resources in this post which are more focused on news updates and announcements. Peter runs a blog, a podcast, speaks at events, has written a book, and is regularly featured on news networks such as CNN, so there's no shortage of places to find him.

10. Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community is a resource to help you connect with your audience and customers—really, authentically connect. They offer strategies and advice for every aspect of marketing and communications from targeting research to choosing a channel to preventing decision fatigue. Beyond articles, they also offer other resources such as live webcasts.

11. The Future Buzz

The Future Buzz offers no-nonsense advice to marketers and PR professionals in a fun, in-your-face, no-holds-barred kind of tone that leans into popular media. They offer relevant insights that also aren’t a bore to read as many posts in this industry can be.

12. MaccaPR

MaccaPR offers advice on getting your CEO interviewed on podcasts, social media and influencer trends, B2B marketing tips and virtual event/experiential ideas, with examples from brands Peloton and Fiji Water to Chick-fil-A and OfficeMax. Often, the blog dissects what others have done wrong, so you can avoid their mistakes. Plus, insights into marketing tactics that are creative and perhaps even counterintuitive, such as Burger King’s ‘moldy whopper’ campaign. Published by Minneapolis PR agency Maccabee, the blog also features interviews with thought leaders like author and content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi.

13. PAINE Publishing

We all know that numbers and stats can really make a PR. Katie Paine’s measurement blog is a treasure trove of numbers, measurements, and benchmarks to stay relevant and even strategic with advice like how to benchmark results of internal communications. If numbers are your thing, this resource is for you.

14. PR Say

PR Say offers thought leadership content, PR training, and career development. This PR resource is regularly updated with a host of beneficial content that can help PR pros in the moment—things like Covid-19, pride month insights, and racial injustice.

15. CornerBarPR

CornerBarPR is the “Sassy Source for PR Pros.” This resource takes the format of a restaurant menu and “serves up” fresh perspectives and real remedies for professionals in PR. Be warned, this site has a snarky tone that isn’t for everyone.

16. Ishmael’s Corner

Ishmael’s Corner is all about storytelling in business—arguably the most important facet of successful marketing and PR. This resource offers insight about visual storytelling, storytelling theory, and advanced storytelling—all through a business lens. The breadth of content they provide on the topic covers a variety of information from very basic beginners to highly-skillful, advanced advice.

17. Flatiron Communications

Flatiron Communications and its irreverently named PR blog The Flack ( is a resource for PR professionals that offers some relevant, if sometimes disconcerting advice. The firm’s founder and blog’s lead author Peter Himler doesn’t follow the pack. For example, he once proclaimed that “content marketing is dead”—a suggestion that would make most marketers and PR pros hide under the covers. But he did so to highlight the rise of “influencer marketing,” not so much to bury content marketing, which remains alive and well. His posts are well worth the read as are his tweets at @peterhimler.

18. MediaShift

MediaShift is where media, communications, and technology meet. With a focus on events and live training. They offer weekend “hackathons” and a podcast alongside courses which begin often. This is a great resource for hands-on PR pros.

19. MediaVillage

MediaVillage offers deep insights into the media industry. They have expert insights and leadership conversations. They offer an extensive diversity section and a lot of video content for PR pros who prefer to watch and listen.

20. Scott Monty

Scott Monty is an expert at improving messaging and communication. His blog offers information about current events through the lens of other times in history. His method of communication can be an inspiration for PR professionals who are trying to improve their messaging and voice, add empathy to their outreach, or achieve a greater degree of authenticity.

21. Solo PR Pro

Solo PR Pro offers advice on topics that other PR blogs never touch, like self-care for PR professionals. This empathetic, extensive blog covers a variety of PR topics and their membership-based training for professional development is specifically indie-focused.

22. PR Conversations

PR Conversations offers smart advice on a range of PR topics that include mindfulness and happiness in relation to communication as well as more practical, analytical tips. There’s something here for everyone.

23. Spring Associates Inc.

Spring Associates Inc. specializes in PR executive recruiting. This understated resource connects PR pros to the people who need them with a simple interface and an eye for career development, salary reporting, and other helpful information. If you’re looking for work or a way to grow your skills, Spring Associates Inc. could be of benefit to you.

24. Institute for Public Relations

The Institute for Public Relations focuses on the science that underpins PR. This resource offers live training, events, and a blog filled with insightful posts. A big draw of the Institute for Public Relations is their research centers which include a Digital Media Research Center, Behavioral Research Insights Research Center, and the Organizational Communication Research Center.

25. Stephen Waddington

Stephen Waddington’s blog is a blend between foundational insights and high-tech PR crossovers. This resource has discussion on everything from reputation management book reviews to information about virtual experiences in PR and the impacts of AI and how to stay ahead of them. This resource is full of expertise to mine.

26. PR News Online

PR News Online offers an array of awards and events as well as timely advice for PR pros based on current events. They offer content in a variety of formats and levels of depth. Some resources they offer include webinars, whitepapers, and guidebooks. This is a wide-reaching resource with excellent insight for an PR professional.

Simon Thompson

PR and marketing professional with 10+ years experience.