Important pricing change update for June 15, 2022

Hi all,

We’ve been working on some big updates which I’m very excited to share with you :) I’ve been talking about these for a while and am really excited to have them ready.

IMPORTANT: There are also some pricing updates which are important for you to take note of, as these will affect all current users. Please read on.

But first, the new features to be implemented on June 15 are:

  • New user interface design. And it’s looking slick. It’s still got the same layout and ease of use you know and love, but it just looks wayyy nicer.
  • Select multiple, add multiple to list. No more one by one adding things to your media list.
  • Delete and rename media list. Keep your lists better organised.
  • Search by primary audience location. You can currently see where the podcast audience is mostly located for each podcast, but you can’t run a search based on this. That’s changing.

Which brings us to pricing - please read:

TLDR; Podseeker is still going to be the least expensive tool on the market for the podcast PR and marketing use case. But there will be an increase in pricing which will affect all users as of June 15, 2022.

Long version:

When we first built Podseeker, we weren’t sure if it was something people would want and use. So we built it with the idea of validating it.

For that reason, we underpriced it. Because if it didn’t work, we didn’t want to be wondering if it was because it was too expensive.

We’re more than a year in now and we’re over the moon at how people have reacted to having a platform like this - thank you to all of our amazing users :)

In that time, we’ve added a bunch of new features to make the user experience better for you, and we’re not stopping there. We want to keep building and adding features to make your job of finding podcasts for your clients much easier.

Like I said, Podseeker is still going to be the least expensive tool on the market for the PR and marketing use case.

Our competitors' pricing starts at $150/month for the cheapest we can find, and that doesn’t include media lists or exports. From there it goes up to plans in the realm of $300+/month, and even into the thousands.

What current users need to know:

On June 15, the basic plan - the only plan we have available at the moment - will increase to $75/month (from $50/month). That will give you access to 1000 search results returned every month, and will not have the ability to export data to a CSV file.

If you would like the ability to return more results each month, and have the ability to export data, you are welcome to upgrade to a more suitable plan (details below).

All of the pricing tiers will have access to all podcasts and all data points, with the ability to create custom media lists.

To confirm, the only two variables which will change based on your plan are:

  • Search results returned (i.e. the number of podcasts that are returned in search results, in total, in a given month)
  • Ability to export media lists

Here are the new tiers:

If you would not like to be subjected to this price increase, I completely understand. Before June 15, you can navigate to your account settings and cancel your subscription. If you do that, your card will not be charged any more.

If you are happy to continue with your subscription at the new rate, then no action is required.

Please let me know if you have any feedback on this. I understand that it’s never ideal to see the price of products increase, but we will still be the cheapest option on the market, and this will give us the opportunity to deliver even more value to our users.

I’ll be in touch a few more times before June 15, in case you need a reminder.

All the best for now,

Simon Thompson

PR and marketing professional with 10+ years experience.